Monday, October 5, 2009

Our Neighbors House

Halloween is the beginning of the season where our neighbors pull out their holiday decorations and the transformation of their house starts. Soon the yard will be filled with ghosts and purple and orange lights.

I feel that I could also do good from a transformation.

Perhaps decorations in my heart to start the coming holidays. I mean after all, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be upon us soon.

You may feel 'why decorate, we don't have children?' I ask you, 'why not decorate?' There is so much to celebrate and halloween allows us the chance to join in on fall festivities and to try to scare ourselves....

Go ahead, pull out the pumpkins and the spice cookies... enjoy October!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Halloween....without children

October brings with it the leaves and the fall like weather, it also brings the festivals and halloween events. Does being childless mean that we are not able to celebrate this holiday?? Nope. It means that we will be able to still do halloween activities. This year we will be participating in halloween hayrides, DH will go to several haunted houses and we will gather with friends to watch several scary movies.

Happy Halloween!!! Go pop some popcorn and watch a scary thriller...