Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wise Men Seek Him

I found my yearly theme of "Focus on Him" come up during the sermon this morning. The Gospel was the story of the women who was bleeding for twelve years. I cannot imagine how she must have felt! She braved the crowded streets and looked for the man she heard that could heal. She was a wise woman who seeked Jesus. Through the heavy crowd she spots him, and moved forward to him repeating to herself, "If only I could touch his clothes." If only. She didn't ask for much. She knew exactly what she wanted, what she needed and where to find it. As soon as her hand reaches for his garment and she touches the rough material, immediately, she is healed. Her wound is fixed. She seeked and He healed.

Infertility hurts. Healing is available if only we seek it from Him, who created us. He can and will heal our hearts, minds and bodies. Like the brave, wise woman of today's Gospel, I earn to seek Him, and whisper to myself, "If only I could touch his garment, the pain will stop." I may not be in the same position as this woman, hearing His voice or feeling His touch, but He did not leave us here without some sort of tangible part of Him. We have Him, here, in the Eucharist.

This is where I seek Him, for healing. I am blessed to work next to a church where they have Eucharistic adoration. After work, I am able to drop in and sit with Him, in His Presence, for a few minutes before traveling home. It is an amazing, quiet time, that I cherish.

If you are hurting, I encourage you to be like the wise woman. Seek Him out.

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  1. Welcome to the blogging world! My dh and I have been TTC for six years now and there has been lots of trials however throughout it all..our focus has been the Will of God. I have found this blog on IF to be so very helpful and it's Catholic (which is so important since nowadays there's lots of stuff going on in our society that is sad). It's amazing to read what other women are going through and we all pretty much look to our good Lord for guidance. It's so nice to get some support where in other places there is none. All of my friends have children and just can not understand what I have been going through. I do have a few friends that have adopted and they are so blessed. My dh and I are licensed to adopt but pretty sure that is not in God's plans for us. Most women desire to keep their babies. I'm working on giving up trying to understand our society. All I can do is carry my cross with God and try to discern what it is He wants me(and us) to do. Blessings!